Vision & Mission

Cung Sing has evolved from its origins as an embroidered garment factory in Hong Kong, developed expertise in the manufacturing of outdoor apparel and its ability to integrate special technologies into production of innovative performance apparels for athletes and sports enthusiasts which demand not only protection against adverse weather conditions, also comfortability and ability to achieve best performance.

Cung sing continues to strive to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of the customers. Aiming at providing the best product quality, services and on time delivery.

Our Factories


Founded by Mr. Sun Shu Yan’s father, a small family run garment factory started producing embraided garments for the domestic market in Hong Kong.
Mr. Sun Shu Yan joined the company which had grown 5 times the production capacity of the original factory.
Mr. Sun inherited the business and evolved to produce outerwear for overseas markets.
In order to meet the challenges of increasing labor wages in Hong Kong, Cung Sing had decided to move the production lines to Shantau area in Guang Dong province in mainland China.
Chaozhou Xin Cheng Garment Co. Ltd. was established in Chaozhou area in Guang Dong province in China. The 5-stories factory building was constructed on self-purchased land to enhance the efficiency of the production operation.
1998 - 2005
A factory was set up in Cambodia to reduce the pressure of export quota to US and European markets.
Huichang County Qincheng Co. Ltd. was established in the Jiang Xi province in China.
Qianjiang Wells Garments Co. Ltd. and Hubei Yuanzhihan Garment Industrial Co. Ltd.

Two factories were built on self-purchased land to meet the increasing demand of production capacity in the Hubei province in China.

Our Customers